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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Meaning of S O U L

The Meaning Of   S O U L

S - Share the Product

O - Own your Rain Business

U - Use the Product

L- Live and Love What You Do.

Rain Soul is the only product in the World with Natural Seed Oils, which is full of  EFA (Essential Fatty Acid), plus Natural Seed Antioxidants, using Cold Press Process that retain all the Nutrients to give you and your Family Total Health. The way that I and my Family Enjoy It.
To realize the true meaning of SOUL. To be the Pioneer to Market this New USA Product to TWO newly launch countries.
The Opening of Thailand (Bangkok), Philippine (Manila) markets in 2013.

Kindly Contact me through:

WhatsApp or LINE: Free Calls & Msg : KK , +65 9633 9580
Skype me at kimkoon88
Email : rainonkk@gmail.com

Viber or WhatsApp :  Caleb Choo , +61 448 812 586
 Email : seedoilnow@gmail.com 


  1. i just started to have it, and i would like to know, can we consume it during menstrual?

    do reply me at:

    hope to hear from you soon...thanks

    1. Hello Jun,

      Glad to answer your query. My wife and other lady comsumers feedback. Is alright to consume Rain Soul during menstrual period. It benefits ladies with menstrual pain. they will feel less tired even though lose blood but replenish, good blood circulation.
      So don't worry, you can start to order Rain Soul from me and start drinking Rain Soul to stay Healthy.


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