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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Your diet during pregnancy may impact baby's long-term health

SINGAPORE — It is known that your genes, coupled with an unwholesome lifestyle and diet, can increase your risk of certain chronic illnesses. In recent years, however, scientists have discovered that a person’s susceptibility to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity might have been “programmed” even before birth.

According to Dr Kelly Loi, Medical Director of the Health and Fertility Centre for Women, Singapore, conditions in the mother’s womb during
pregnancy can have potential longterm effects on her offspring’s health, a theory known as the Barker’s hypothesis, named after a British doctor who observed the trend.

Through a process scientists call fetal epigenetics, certain food nutrients or chemicals can act to switch certain genes on or off, said Dr Loi, who was one of the speakers at the Global Congress on Maternal Nutrition organized by Abbott Nutrition last month.“A developing baby’s tissues, organs and systems are extremely sensitive to conditions in the womb. A lack of nutrients or an oversupply of them may programme a baby’s development and set the subsequent stage for health or disease later in adulthood,” she explained.

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