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Monday, 14 January 2013

Rain International President, Mr Byron Belka on the Grand launch of the Rain Nigeria Market

Mr Byron Belka speaks about the opportunity 

Rain International will be bringing into the Nigerian market.

tremendous growth will no doubt be experienced as we

launch in Africa most populous country of about 180 Million 


A real Home-based Business! Get Online Shop and be a global distributor and Rain International delivers for you. Prelaunch in Nigeria Now.
Enjoy a compensation like no other. The best in the industry! With company trips, bonuses and incentives.
No need for website set-up, monthly hosting, no need to deliver it yourself and the rest of 25 other countries. And definitely NO Hype!

Viber or WhatsApp :  Caleb Choo , +61 448 812 586
 Email : seedoilnow@gmail.com 

Choose between Basic (one box), Builder (4 boxes) or Pro Business (10 boxes) Packages. All comes with a free replicated site with your own personal name or company or cooperative name and your own contact details.
Then you can go GLOBAL! 

Free Training Provided when you join us.

Viber or WhatsApp :  Caleb Choo , +61 448 812 586
 Email : seedoilnow@gmail.com 

Email : rainonkk@gmail.com